Botoşanii în epoca (En)

Economic and historical references

The name of "Botosani" has concerned many scientists-historians, geographers, linguists-, their opinions following two directions:it either derives from a common noun(bota,botoş=stalk, botâşe= leather footware) or from a person name (Botăş, Botoş or Botuş).Since no assumption has been definitly accepted, we prefer to refer to the one made by Nicolae Iorga, who noted that "Botoşani means the fair of Botăş.Botăş is a name which resembles Bontăş, Montăş,Crăsnaş,Hăsnaş.The suffix -ăş, is added to some names of people to make new names."Thus, the name of Botoşani derives from Botăş, this opinion being also shared bz Artur Gorovei in "Monographs of Botoşani", published in 1926:"The truth-he noted-is that Botoşanii derives from Botăş, who might have plazed a significant role in this region during old times."Botosani was founded probably in the XIV-th century, but its documentary attestation was recorded in 1439, as noted by the historian Grigore Ureche in "Letopisetul Tarii Moldovei" on November 28:"in the year 6947(1439), November 28, Tatars invaded, looted and burnt all the way to Botosani and they burnt down the borough of Botoşeni".The borough was founded on one of the rest places of the caravans traveling along the great commercial road which was connecting the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, opened at the beginning of the XIV yh century. Originally a rest place for caravans, the locality soon became a place for exchange of goods on fixed dates, known by merchants from the most remote places.The fair was established at the crossroads. The first inns were built alongside, then the first houses were erected, thus, the borough taking shape.The borough, which was a source of money, drew the attention of country`s rulers. Thus, Petru Rares offers it to his wife, Elena Despot Doamna as a "ruler`s appange".Its status as a ruler`s



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