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“Enrichment of Teaching Methods of Romanic Languages

as the Mother Tongue Language”





Castel Baronia

Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Botoşani

Department of work, instruction and training of Regione Campania (Giunta Regionale Della Campania)

Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII nr. 11 Botoşani

Istituto Comprensivo Statale P.A.G. Martini

Biblioteca Judeţeană "Mihai Eminescu" Botoşani

Biblioteca Comunale di Castel Baronia "P.S. Mancini"

           The project Comenius Ragio "Enrichement of Teaching Methods of English Languages as the Mother Tongue Language" no. 10PR-05-BT-RO,IT, in the Comenius Sectorial Programme, the Lifelong Learning Programme will be run in the period 2010-2012.

            This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission (approved budget:EUR 26,820.50), the National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational TRaining, as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Comenius Sectoral Programme.

         Project`s proposed objectives:

   The development of communication skills in Romanian and Italian languages(languages less spoken and studied in Europe) to make lerners aware of the importance of native languages in the European Union and the support of the link between formal education in schools and non-formal education outside school(libraries).

    Adjustment, deleopment, testing, implementation and dissemination of new methodologies for teaching English and Italian languages used in the classrooms, including ICT

   Increased undeerstanding by the pupils and teachers of cultural and linguistic diversity in partner regions and countries;

   First of all, among pupils, we want to improve communication skills in the native language(Romanian and Italian) and English, language of the project, to improve social skills, to increase ICT abilities, to improve general knowledge about the partner region and country and its cultural values, to stimulate self-discovery, teamwork, critical thinking, increase of pupils`tolerance and mutual acceptance, to eliminate prejudices and xenophobia.

  As for teachers, we would like to be improve pedagogical skills, to promote active teaching methods of native languages in formal and non formal learning, to improve the teacher-pupil communication, to consolidate interest in the problems of the local community etc.

  We also mention a better use of space and equipment in regional libraries, increase of libraries`vicibility in the region and in the local community, a better use of assets in the cultural heritage of libraries.





September 22,2012

Launch of the Comenius Regio project

       The Comenius Regio Project '' Enrichment of Teaching Methods of English Languages as the Mother Tongue Language'' was officialy launched in the Professional Training Room of the Botosani County School Inspectorate on Wednesday, September 22,2010.

       The project is funded with the financial support of the European Commission, by the Comenius Sectoral Programme, the Lifelong Learning Programme.

     The Comenius Regio partenership projects which may involve no more than two different countries participating in the programme.Each of the regions involved in the partnership will be represented by at least 3 local parners as follows: the coordinating institution, at least one school unit, another relevant partner.

    In the Regio 1- Romania partnership, partenrs are: Botosani County School Inspectorate, Elementary School no 11 Botosani, ''Mihai Eminescu'' Botosani County Library, and the Regio 2- Italy partnershipincludes partner:Department of work, instruction and training of Regione Campania(Giunta Regionale Della Campania), Instituto Comprensivo Statale P.A.G. Martini, Biblioteca Comunale di Castel Baronia "P.S. Mancini".

 The activity was attended by representatives of partner institurions, school inspectors, school masters, teachers, pupils.




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29 august 2010

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12-19 noiembrie 2011

Reuniunea de proiect III - Castel Baronia (Italia)



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Istituto Comprensivo Leonardo da Vinci Guidonia - Montecelio

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