Library’s Mission


Library's Mission


 The "Mihai Eminescu" Botosani County Library, institution of distinguished cultural attire, founded in 1882, has been serving for more than a century to the needs of information, education, reading, study and recreation of its users, offering free, costless and non-discriminatory access to information and knowledge through its own database and collections.

In our activity, we constantly aimed at our library's effective integration into the community, in order to achieve our main goal:meeting users' needs. Accepting that the library of the future will be both electronic, as well as one with traditional publications, we wanted to successfully balance the transition from tradition to modernity, a phenomenon meant to change centuries- old mentality of people about what library should represent.

We consider that the traditional library will survive both as status as an institution, although electronic networks allow the individual to create and distribute materials, often chaotically, on routes that bypass the traditional publisher and library. Yet, on his own, he is not able to carry out information's scientific based on intellectual performance.

Paradoxically, the library represents the place we need when we do not know what we want.

Therefore, existence of specialized librarians is mandatory for its perfect operation. The role of the librarian is essential in the complex process of knowing the study and information needs of users, in promoting reading and cultural activities.

The future of our profession is organically linked to the intellectual performance and to the education of the new generations, because the library is, in fact, the very process of learning.

At the same time, we are concerned, by specific means, about what we call in bibliotheconomic terms "spending leisure time".

In consequence, the management strategy focused on finding the most affordable ways to valorize the entire library heritage, so that, by the complexity of the activities organized in collaboration with numerous partners, the library has become a true forum of ideas and development of talents and passions.

Their professional successes in all filed activity are largely owed to the procedures for the continuous attraction towards reading and lifelong education.

The media coverage of our institution's activity is another evidence of our library's strategic importance for the community.



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