Diversification of the cultural offer and meeting the requirements expressed by members of community by designing and carrying out programmes which define the library as a multicultural center;

Studies and reserchof high academic profile resulting in the remarkable volume "Studii eminescologice. Etudes sur Eminescu. Eminescu Studies. Eminescu Studien" the only current series publication of reserch on Eminescu in Romania; Catalogue "Eminescu documentary fund"-vol.1,2,3; Monograph of the "Mihai Eminescu" County Library;

Diversifying and increasing the quality of library service aimed at attracting the reading-visits to the library;

Carrying a dialogue of high intellectual standing between, groups and individuals in debates, colloquims, syposiums, commemorative or anniversary eventsheld to emphasize library's role as a space of communication and contacts.

Valorizing library's heritage through participation in seminars, conferences, professional symposiums, book presentations;

Purchase of library unitsin accordance with the following principles:to ensure continuity of collections, to preserve the encyclopedic character, to impose the criterion of value and information timeless, to maintain a balance between users' demand and institution's offer;

Constant media coverage of the institution in the local and national media;

Promoting the library's heritage and its role in the community through promotional materials;

Development of relations with usersbased on an active partnership , by providing learning environment for all age groups, through an offer of lifelong education and creating a comfortable environment for study;

The use of modern technologyin listing, classification and dissemination of information, with free access for users to all information services;

Constant study of reading needs, of the information market, satisfying the public;

Training and improvement of librarians as a continuous process carried out by :

-individual study;

-debates per mini-groups, usually in the area of specialized offices, on variuos issues ancountered in practice;

-undergoing training, specialization and vocational training programmes organized by the Center for Vocational Training in Culture attached to the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, in Bucharest and Busteni(Brasov)

Supporting public libraries by inter-library exchanges, with a focus on valuable books considering the interests of the local community, guided visits of users, as well as professional assistance.




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