Library History

Library History


  alt  Botosani`s cultural progress in the second half of the 19th century required the foundation of a public library, beside the other culture establishments(theater, high-scool, cultural societies).This represented the initiative of Th.Boian, one of the most dedicated and bright mayors Botosani had in the last century, by Decision of the Municipal Council, dated March 18, 1882. Officially, it was inaugurated on November 14,on the premises of the "Marchain" All-Boys School No.1.Its first librarian was V.Nadejde, teacher, future founding member of Botosani Athenaeum. Library's mail documents include a printed, specially made stamp with the inscription "Romania Library of Botosani 1882". In 1885, the public library merges with one of the Laurian High -School.Even though there are a few concrete facts about the evolution of public reading between 1886-1904 in the archive documents, the public library is always present  in community's spiritual life. In 1917, when the high school library burned, the public library also burned down along with all of its valuable assets.After the end of the war, restoration of the book collection was started and, in 1920, it had 970 viwed books and 1720 readers.In 1931 the number of library's books increases(mostly through donations) improving, thus, its activity :2368 readers, 1973 viwed books.

altIn the year 1934, it is mentioned in documents as communal library, operating in the Primaverii building on Armeana Street, no .11. Many personalities donated part of their personal book collections to this library(scientist Gr.Antipa offering it 2000 books).

In 1943, the Communal Library changes its location to the Talmaciu houses, Calea Nationala Street, no.275. It was among the first cultural institutions in the city restored immediately after liberation.The "Clopotul" newspaper noted on 1.02.1945:"It is not an accident that this city has the largest library in Northern Moldavia, containing a considerable number of rare and particularly valuable books.After the German bombing, the young citizens of Botosani gathered scattered books from deserted houses, from under ruins, from streets, from everywhere"some of which are still in the library heritage nowadays.

In May 1948, according to a delivery-receipt report for furniture and a number of 15.478 books, we can speak about the existence of an inventory fund, part of it preserving in the current collections.

In 1951, the public library of Botosani, called "Communal Library" becomes regional library, and, in 1952, according to the new administartive-territorial division, it turns into district library.

In 1968, it was categorized as municipal library, and, since 1974 until present, it has been county library.

By presidential decree, in November 1982, at its 100th anniversary, the library was awarded the title of "Mihai Eminescu" County Library.

With an average annual increase of 18.000 books, the current heritage consists of approximately 500.000 library units(books, periodicals, records, maps, slideshows, audio-video materials, etc), and the number of active users exceeds 150.000.

This proves that Botosani preserves its tradition as a cultural city. The constantly increasing desire to study and read makes our institution a landmark in its spiritual life.By its geographical location, our city is quite far from country's major cultural centers.Therefore, with the collection of publications and information acquired by modern technologies, we permanently strive to meet the diverse requirements of our users. 



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