International programs and projects

International programs and projects
Specialized reading service for the blind


        The constant concern of the Botosani "Mihai Eminescu" County Library to be useful for as many users as possible is reflected these days by the opening of a service addressed to persons with visual impairements.This service will operate within the Media Department and its partner will be the Association of the Blind, Botosani subsidiary, which gathers approximately 3000 members.


  Library's project was developed in collaborationwith " Traveling Book" Foundation from Focsani, which donated two specific equioments("daisy players, Victor Reader Classic X +) worth Ron 2275.33 and Daisy books(Romanian and foreign litterature, children's book)

The equipment donation was part of a national project "Non-discriminatory access to education and culture for people with vision impairment", funded by the Governments of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Norway through the "Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area"

A Daisy book in audio format can be read selectively exactly like a printed book.Using a Daisy player, the blind reader can navigate easily through the structure of the book:he can access a specific page, in a certain chapter, one paragraph or another, he can return to the previous phrase or read with variable speed.

Through this new service , the "Mihai Eminescu " Botosani County Library aims to improve the quality of life and non-discriminatory access to information of all members of the community.

The establishment of a network of French libraries in collaboration with L'Association des Bibliotheques and Mediatheques Francophones(France), Conseil General du Territoire de Belfort(France).

Within the Project of phrancophone libraries, the lamanzi Communal Library inaugurated in June 2009, in the presence of project coordinators, a French library with a collection of approximately 1500 books.Other 10 town or communal libraries received between 100 and 500 books in French:Saveni, Mileanca, Vorona, Mitoc, Hanesti, Sendriceni, Lozna, Corlateni, Romanesti and Leorda and they opened a corner of the Francoponie.

Scolarships granted to students from the Faculty of Romanian Philology of the University of Chernivtsi(Ukraine)

Relations with Romanians from abroad through donation of books (the Republic of Moldova; Ukraine, the Romanian Library in Montreal-Canada, the Civic Library-Mestre Venice-Italy);

Project: "Center of tourist information Chernivtsi-Botosani" -site for presentation of toursit attractions,mutual cultural and economic activities.

In April 2008, the Tourist Information Center of Botosani County was founded by the "Romania-Ukraine 2004-2006 Neighbourhood Programme" project implemented by the Botosani County Library.This Center, the first in the county, is aimed at a better knowledge of local community, proper promotion of tourism in this region and, in the end, a better cross-border cooperation.Under this project, library users and others may require librarians from C.I.C. varoius data about Botosani county, ranging from accomodation and restaurants, to tourist routes or cultural events take plec on the county territory.Beside a DVD and some informative brochures, the project also includes the website which is an overview of the county, covering both cultural and economic aspects. This site is continuously updated, due to a close collaboration with the concerned institutions or economic operators in the county.

For a more effective cooperation and information, in October 2008 C.I.C participated in a symposium on tourism, which was also attended by representatives of several tourist establishments from Ukrainian region of Ivano-Frankivsk. On this occasion, by the Tourist Information Center, C.I.C established a series of contacts between economic agents from Botosani activating in the tourism and their Ukrainian counterparts, which have resulted in the following months, in a series of trips and the exchange of experience, n both sides.

The program for computerization of public libraries "Romanian Global Libraries" Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(U.S.A)


BIBLIONET-the world in my library!


PRESENTATION OF THE PROGRAMME:Biblionet is a five-year programme that will facilitate Romanians' free access to information by developing a modern public library system in Romania.Through training courses and the supplied technology, Biblionet will help libraries to provide services in local communities as partnerships betwwen IREX, the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania(ANBPR), local and national authorities, libraries across the couontry. To achieve this goal, Biblionet will focus on four main components of the program:

FACILITATION OF PUBLIC'S ACCESS TO INFORMATION: Setting up a network of libaries with public access computers(CAP):Biblionet will support, in particular those libaries which set as a priority public access to information and which prove availibility to assume a part of the costs involved in the construction of new public centers with public computers and Internet. Since it will equip 1.500 libraries in Romania with computers through a competitive selection process, Biblionet will facilitate free access to information throughout the territory of Romania.

TRAINING OF LIBRARIANS FROM PUBLIC LIBRARIES:The provision of training services for librarieans.The Biblionet partners will develop training materials and will create a system of vocational training to help librarians introduce new services and develop innovation in the system of public libraries.Trainig courses will help librarians become experts in adaping new technologies to the needs of communities.Training courses for librarians in computer operation.By the establishment of 41 training centers within libraries, Biblionet will provide the system of public libraries in Romania with infrastructure and course material for computer operation, which will help librarians to better guide library users in computer operation and Internet access.

PROMOTING THE VALUE OF LIBRARIES FOR COMMUNITIES : Partenership with the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries(ANBPR).Biblionet will consolidate ANBPR, helping the association to create sustainable administrative structures which can meet the constantly changing needs of modern libraries and which can provide relevant services to librarians across the country in the future.The assistance offered to librarians in developing and organizing local content for the benefit of all users of the library.Biblionet will bring together the factors of interest within Government and local institution to organize the content to meet citizens' needs.As a result of an assessment of actual situation, IREX and its partners have identified specific needs of information in the field of education, labour market, health, rural and economic development and culture, for which currently there are not sufficient resources.

SECURING GOVERNMENT SUPPORT:Administration's involvment in order to adapt public policies.To enhance the impact of investment in technology for public libraries, Biblionet partners will endeavor to promote the increasing relevance and importance of libraries in the current Romanian society and the need to employ resources corresponding to the new role of libraries.









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