Community Information Centre

Community Information Centre

         Established in addition to the already existing services in Botosani County Library, Community Information Centre(C.I.C.) was opened on january 1,2001, being an official informational support, fast and updated for the Botosani community and beyond.In time, by modernization of technical equipments and upgrade of database, the services offered to users, 100% free-of-charge, have become more diverse, covering a wide range of applications.


          The first and one of the most important services offered within this Center is to inform the community.Having a permanently updated database on both the classic and digital support, the Community Information Center shall make available to users with a wide variety of information of general interest(civil society,cultural events,social consulatncy, useful numbers,etc.), also receiving suggestions and proposal from citizens on how to solve the various community  proplems, in so far as the County Library and C.I.C may get involved.

Issuance of access permits to the library is also made in the Community Information Center.The future user will have access to all documents of the library only based on such a permit.The library access permit shall be issued on the spot, based on the person`s identity card.

          ALICE, an integrated system of libraries` computerization, performs listing of library's collection.Users have access, through the Community Information Center, to the entire collection of the library, they can required information about the situation of a specific book, as well as the section where it can be borrowed.

    European information has been and will be highly important area for the Botosani County Library, through the Community Information Center.The EU institutions and their activities, EU policies, Community legislation and the degree of compliance with the laws of our country, the movements of goods, services and capital, the sources of funding at the community level, Community programmes viable in Romania, European networks for the development of partnership, the European public tenders for project-all these represent information increasingly required by users and promptly offered by librarians in C.I.C
   Another service very often requested by users is access to legislative documents.In this respect, C.I.C benefits, beside the collection of paper documents, from the LEX, special programme which provides access quickly and accurately to the latest laws, ordinances or decisions of the Government.At user`s request, these documents can be copied in the Reading Room or they can be multiplies with a copier machine,but,thanks to e-mail or chat programs, copies of such documents, in digital format, can be sent directly to the user and , thus, each time the user is exempted from further efforts.
  In addition, at the user`s request, these documents can be printed on digital support-CD and Dvd or external memory stick.
   The local or national press, periodicals or specialized publications can be seen daily in the Community Information Center.The publications,41 in 2009, cover the most varied fields, from the news of national interest to economic information from legilative bulletins to sports or culture magazines, all of these subscriptions being contracyted on the recommendation of users.The archive of these publications, for the current year, is found also in the Center, and,on-demand, publication` on-line archives can be viewed on their own websites.
















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