The Botosani County`s Tourist Information Center


The Botosani County`s Tourist Information Center

Inaugurated in April 2007, "the Tourist information Centre of Botosani County" is a part of the project "Tourist Information Center and Cross-border Cooperation", a project funded by the Romania-Ukraine 2004-2006 Neighbourhooh Programme, in partnership with Botosani County Chernivtsi "Touristic Bucovina".

 The Tourist Information Centre attempts, toghether with its Ukrainian partner, to develop tourism in these areas, by making flyers, brochures and promotional DVDs, as well as the website

 The proper functioning of the Center, as well as of the site, are ensured by the employees of the "Mihai Eminescu" Botosani County Library .Before project`s implementation, they have participated in training courses in the field of tourism(marketing,tourism development)

  In the Tourist Information Center, librarians:

-make general presentation of the local, regional or national tourist offer;

-offer tourists local,regional or national promotional material(brochures, travel guides, maps,fliers,magazines)in several international languages;
- inform on local accomodations offer, as free of charge service;
- inform tourist about possibilities to book transport tickets, as well as about local,national and specialized guides;
- organize tourism exhibitions locally and regionally and the general activities of internal and external marketing with role in increasing the local and regional tourist circulation;
- offer advice on the selection of various local, regional and natinl tourist products as a free of charge sevice;
- cooperate with local and regional institutions on issues of tourism (the local public administration authorities,Chambers of Commerce,Regional Development Agency,etc)

-cooperate with the central public authority for tourism and provide, upon request, statistical data relating to the circulation of local and regional tourism, data relating to the events involved in increase of tourist circulation performed locally and regionally, as well as the provision of other information relating to tourist offer and tourist activities locally and regionally;

-collaborate with local tour operators, travel agencies, with Tourist Information and Promotion Centers in the country

-attend events and activities on tourism

-ensure constant updating of the website, on all its sections.

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