Reading room

Reading Room
“PhD Prof. Ioan Constantinescu“

          Within the institution, the Reading room has gained special importance, librarians' professional credo values leading to a new prientation in the collection enrichement and their exploitation by specific activity with the book.


          Shortly, the Reading Room has become an important information center for all the inhabitants of the city and country.


          The rigorous acquisition in all areas of activity has conferred the Reading Room Fund an encyclopedic feature.


           The existing gaps in collection were filled and there were selected the documents which suited best with the profile of the library, with the requirements of the existing and prospective beneficiares, with the trends and guidelines on national and global levels.

          The raeding Room currently has approximately 200.000 library units:reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias), traties, manuals, courses, catalogs, books, maps, music sheets etc.
          The Reading Room hosts numerous cultural activities which mark important events in the community life.

Encyclopedic Fund
Study room- 50 seats
4 thematic storage rooms




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