Borrowing department for children

Borrowing department for children

    It addresses in particular to preschool and school users-secondary schools, as well as teachers.
   The collections made up of various library units(reference books, school bibliography, reading for leisure, periodicals) are organized systematical-alphabetic order, allowing free access to the shelf.
  To fill in the requested information, users may consult the department's catalogs:alphabetically, by title, illustrated(for preschoolers and small schoolers). Various cultural events are organized periodically: books exhibitions, drawing exhibitions, thematic contests, meetings with writers from Botosani.

The Toy Library.   


The Toy Library opened on the 1st of June, 2001.The Toy Library addresses especially to preschoolers.The coloring books, the games, the toys and the audio-visual materials are used by the small readers for activities appropiate to their age.



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Reading Room

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